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Creative Communications understands the unique needs of the Jewish Day School Community
Creative Communications works with Educational Institutions such as museums, cultural organizations and colleges
Creative Communications works with designers, writers, coaches,and other entrepreneurs
Creative Communications works with hospital based physicians, private practitioners, mental health specialists, and therapists.
“The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.”
   — George Bernard         Shaw

In addition to notable achievements including Intel Merit Scholarship winners, stellar Israel and college acceptances, and meaningful chesed programs, in a school of excellence, transformational magic occurs in each classroom daily. Candace Plotsker-Herman knows how
to convey that subtle magic to a school’s constituents: present families, potential parents, alumni, grandparents, and prospective donors. Her collaboration with administrators to develop a comprehensive media strategy ensures that the desired message reaches the desired audience at the optimal time.

Dr. Daniel J. Vitow
North Shore Hebrew Academy High School

Principal, 1984-2000
Hebrew Academy of the
Five Towns and Rockaway

fundraising, public relations
This is not only a common perception but also a “tragic flaw.” An effective fundraising campaign is predicated on an effective Public Relations strategy. Quite simply, people, corporations, and foundations give money to winners.  In the case of new, emerging  institutions, they donate to those that demonstrate potential to become winners.  These are institutions with savvy leaders who have developed clear mission statements, solid business plans, and dedicated founding supporters.  Successful associations and nonprofits require creativity, energy, vision, and meticulously crafted communications strategies. Do you want five clips in the local newspaper? Ask a volunteer!

To be effective, you need to ensure a steady flow of positive information, through varied channels to your constituent groups, including consumers, current and potential donors, volunteers, and community members. Do you want to inform, influence, and persuade your target audience? Then you need an effective, comprehensive plan — a magic magnet that will attract all that you want and more. Contact Creative Communications!

The Creative Communications team has:

Successful strategies
Creative campaigns
Exciting events
Persuasive promotional material

for diverse clients. The process is exciting, dynamic, and collaborative; yet it begins with plain, old fashioned listening. After we meet with key personnel, we will articulate your challenges and meet your needs . . . on time and within budget!

Click here to find out more about how we can help you:

Assess and meet specific challenges
Build confidence
Increase visibility
Enhance credibly
Shape perceptions
Raise profiles
Create legacies of appreciation and loyalty


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