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Creative Communications Group. Public Relations an development for schools, health care, museums and foundations. Creative Communications Group: 368 Midwood Road, Woodmere, NY 11598, 516-569-8070 Public Relations for Day Schools, Educational Institutions, and Health Care and Social Services fundraising development strategies, press releases, e-zines, newsletters, brochures, webdesign, fundraising, email support Newsletter Archives Articles of Interest contact Creative Communications Group 516-569-8070
"attract visibility, credibility, and loyalty"

Creative Communications understands the unique needs of the Jewish Day School Community
Creative Communications works with Educational Institutions such as museums, cultural organizations and colleges
Creative Communications works with designers, writers, coaches,and other entrepreneurs
Creative Communications works with hospital based physicians, private practitioners, mental health specialists, and therapists.


“The difference between the right word and the almost right word is the difference between lightening and the lightening bug.”
   — Mark Twain

"generate consistent publicity"

The Creative Communications Group can be your magic magnet. My name is Candace
Plotsker-Herman and I have a track record of 20 plus years of creating and implementing effective public relations and development campaigns. I have worked with small schools and universities, private health care providers, hospitals, youth programs, museums and international foundations. All my clients – from the smallest start up to the eminent institution, receive the same personalized service. My group and I will help you attract visibility, credibility, and loyalty so that you can fulfill your mission.

"image of public relations group" "attract more customers, students, patients, supporters and donors"


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