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Creative Communications understands the unique needs of the Jewish Day School Community
Creative Communications works with Educational Institutions such as museums, cultural organizations and colleges
Creative Communications works with designers, writers, coaches,and other entrepreneurs
Creative Communications works with hospital based physicians, private practitioners, mental health specialists, and therapists.
We needed a fundraising professional who not only had public relations skills but also understood the challenges faced by Jewish educational institutions. We were fortunate to have Candace Plotsker-Herman join our team. She collaborated with our administrators, supporters and educational staff to develop new projects and fine-tune others to enhance their appeal to potential donors. In addition, she wrote outstanding grants and prepared meticulous budgets.

I believe that the Creative Communications Group would be an asset to any organization.

Rabbi Benjaminson
Executive Director
Jewish Children’s Museum

Do you wish more people knew about your organization?

Has your donor base remained solid but stagnant during the past few years?

Have you tabled exciting, innovative projects because you lack the funds to implement them?

Are you good at what you do; but haven't mastered that "marketing thing" yet?

If you are ready to increase your visibility and credibility—and raise needed funds—without stress and without hiring a full time public relations/development expert, Candace Plotsker-Herman and her team can help. Call (516) 569-8070 now or click here to request a consultation.


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